What is Next Generation Care?

Next Generation Care allows the physician to provide a significantly increased level of service by
decreasing the number of patients in the practice.

It’s simple mathematics: Many of the criticisms of the current model of health care originate from the fact that each physician must care for too many patients. The more patients physicians have, the less accessible they become. This translates into difficulty contacting the office, inability to contact the physician after routine hours, longer waiting times, and decreased time actually spent with the physician.

Both the doctor and the families are often left unsatisfied by the experience.

The principle behind Next Generation Care becomes obvious when we compare the numbers: a traditional pediatrician might see 30 to 40 patients in a single day. We will close our practice to new patients when the physician starts averaging 6 to 8 visits per day. A traditional practice may have one nurse or one medical assistant to help the doctor care for these 30 to 40 patients per day.

Our lower numbers give us the flexibility to offer such unique amenities as home visits and direct physician cell phone access. Our increased staff means reaching an answering machine instead of a live person is virtually impossible. Simply stated, we believe an hour spent in the office should be with the physician in an exam room and not with someone else’s sick children in the waiting room.

Next Generation Care means providing an environment which is as fun as it is functional:

  • Age-appropriate exam rooms and optical entertainment systems like those found in children’s museums
  • Electronic medical records which give our doctors 24/7 access to extremely detailed charts
  • Prescriptions electronically sent to the pharmacy before you leave the office
  • Personalized care plans upon leaving
  • All specimen collection done in our office instead of going to a lab
  • Staple cuts instead of going to an emergency room
  • And for parents, a cup of coffee or chai latte while checking e-mail in an empty waiting room.