Travel with Small Children: A Holiday Survival Guide

Traveling with small children during the holidays can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a long distance to go. Unexpected traffic, getting stuck longer than anticipated at an unknown airport during a layover, or unhappy and cranky children can wreak havoc on what should be a fun and relaxing vacation. Let us show you how to travel with small children.

Snowed-In: Is Your Medicine Cabinet Ready?

Snowstorms are an exciting time, with school closures, work closures and hours spent making snow angels and sledding. But that excitement abruptly comes to a halt when you realize something important is missing: a crucial medicine. Read on for more information on snowed-in medicine cabinet essentials…

A child wakes up sick in the middle of the night with a fever,

Should I Call the Pediatrician?

Call the Pediatrician? Easy-to-Follow Guidelines

Nothing is worse than when your easygoing baby starts to cry, spikes a fever and becomes irritable and uncomfortable, or when your child wanders into your bedroom in the middle of the night and says, “Mommy, I don’t feel well,” then starts to vomit. First, you deal with the situation at hand and then you wonder,

Screen Time Guidelines for Your Kids

Children are immersed in media from all angles — movies, video games, social media and even virtual reality compete for their screen time. Consumption is unavoidable, but with so many options and a wide variety of content, most parents want to know “How much is too much?”

The American Academy of Pediatrics previously recommended no media for children under the age of 2,

The Case of the Missing Coins

(or “Sister can you spare a dime“)

You started your collection of coins from around the world 20 years ago. Your precious metallic gems range in value from mere cents to thousands of dollars and in age from days to hundreds of years old. All together, they are visually stunning, specifically arranged in glass displays in a special room in your house.

The Case of the Five Senses

(or, “The Case for Concierge Pediatric Care”)

Sense 1: Hearing

At 7:30 in the morning, you find yourself in the kitchen. Your 6 month old is held fast in your left arm as you finish skillfully putting together a sandwich before placing it into the yellow Minion’s lunch box.

Talk to Your Children

When my son was 8 years old, he returned from camp and started telling us a long, elaborate tale about part of his day. A clown came and he was selected to go up on stage. He handed him a handkerchief that was tucked into his sleeve and asked him to pull it out. In great detail,