Snowed-In: Is Your Medicine Cabinet Ready?

Snowstorms are an exciting time, with school closures, work closures and hours spent making snow angels and sledding. But that excitement abruptly comes to a halt when you realize something important is missing: a crucial medicine. Read on for more information on snowed-in medicine cabinet essentials…

A child wakes up sick in the middle of the night with a fever, and when checking the medicine cabinet, you make the startling discovery that a bottle of fever reducer is present but nearly empty. Stocking your medicine cabinet before a snowstorm hits is often overlooked. Get a head start on this task now by checking and adding a few items to your supply:

First aid supplies. Stock up on bandages in a variety of sizes and antibacterial ointment to help treat and prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes or burns. Having a good supply of cotton balls and swabs is also helpful, along with a box of alcohol wipes to keep cuts clean.

Digital thermometer. Life is busy, and perhaps that thermometer that wasn’t working great last cold and flu season hasn’t been replaced. Do you have a working thermometer? If not, get a new one.

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Check your supply for these items, and never give aspirin to a child under the age of 12, because it has been linked with Reye’s syndrome in children. Acetaminophen is the same as Tylenol and Ibuprofen is the same as Motrin and Advil.

Benadryl. This can be life-saving should an allergic reaction occur. Never get caught without this in the house.

Prescription medications. Does your child take prescription medications? If so, make sure he or she has a good supply. Don’t save refill requests until the last minute. Instead, get those refills handled early to ensure your child has what he or she needs most.

Anti-itch topical creams. There is nothing more annoying than a rash, and if your child gets one, you’ll want to provide relief before the itching gets out of control. For older children, keep a good supply of topical cortisone cream on hand for rashes.

In addition to stocking up on the above items, remember to look through your current supplies and check expiration dates. By law, over-the-counter medications must have an expiration date, so check these dates and throw away anything that is no longer current.

Do you have questions about dosing or what to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet during a snowstorm? If so, we can help! Simply call 203-661-6430.